Reshaping Flint’s popular image—short film and Q & A with Mark Felix of “Mr. Dan’s Quick Stop”

Mr. Dan’s Quick Stop, a short film by photojournalist Mark Felix, captures the twilight moments of convenience store owner, and Flint, Michigan, native, Dan Holbrook.

Epiphanies of the unexpected—a conversation with photographer Cheney Orr

Photographer Cheney Orr spoke to Entropic Magazine’s Nolan Ryan Trowe and Bruce Graves to discuss an ongoing project, “Bystander,” a collection of cop photos from more than a decade of street photography in New York City.

What does NYC do on 911’s anniversary?

For 9/11’s 17-year anniversary, I walked all over Lower Manhattan. This is what I saw.

Harold Hunter 12 years later–navigating skate culture and sobriety

Harold Hunter was an influential NYC skater who died from an overdose in his LES apartment. His story reflects a struggle well-known in the skate community.

My cathartic exchange over soldier exploitation

Soldiers are exploited by things they’ve been convinced they shouldn’t bother thinking about.

Getting off the hedonic treadmill–words of wisdom from Terence Mckenna

Life itself is hijacked when all experience becomes a chore list

On selfies

A hermeneutic examination of the philosophic relationship between selfies and identity

Cessation as revolutionary—the morbid reality of tobacco-use disparities

The most profound realizations shrink against the fundamental reasons people cope with addictive behaviors in the first place.

Acts of kindness

Whether it’s someone giving up their seat for me on a crowded subway, or simply picking up my cane if I drop it on the icy ground, it’s the small things that count the most.

Delirium and solidarity at the 2018 NYC Women’s March (against Trump)

Staying politically conscious in the Trump era has been disorientating–like some frightening dissociative psychedelic that came on way stronger and quicker than anticipated.

New year, same shit?

Many issues remain heading into 2018: homelessness, climate change, a widening wage gap, a burgeoning police state, and the still-surreal problem of an orange-skinned, Fox and Friends fiend

Blood, sweat and piss on the streets of NYC

Photographer Nolan Trowe shares some local views from the 2017 New York City Marathon.