Epiphanies of the unexpected—a conversation with photographer Cheney Orr

Photographer Cheney Orr spoke to Entropic Magazine’s Nolan Ryan Trowe and Bruce Graves to discuss an ongoing project, “Bystander,” a collection of cop photos from more than a decade of street photography in New York City. (more…)

What does NYC do on 911’s anniversary?

IT’S BEEN 17 YEARS since 9/11. I walked around ground zero and lower Manhattan all day. It was foggy. The weather, like the people, sulked. You may wonder: What do people do on 9/11 in New York City? Well, here’s a quick glance.

The One World Trade Center surrounded by a thick layer of fog.


John, a retired firefighter, poses for a portrait.


People hanging out at Washington Square Park.


A group of construction workers on break.


The J-Train at 5:30p.m.


A woman selling hats at Zuccotti Park.


NYPD officers on Trinity Place.


A man playing the bagpipe.


Firefighters mingling and drinking beer outside of O’Hara’s Ground Zero Pub.


“This face will break your camera, kid!”


The Tribute in Light art instillation at 11 o’clock.

Harold Hunter 12 years later–navigating skate culture and sobriety

HAROLD HUNTER was an influential NYC skater. He played a role in the cult movie classic Kids, which depicted life on the Lower East Side in the 90s. In 2006, he died from a cocaine induced heart attack in his LES apartment. (more…)

Getting off the hedonic treadmill–words of wisdom from Terence Mckenna

AT EVERY TURN, there seems some incentive drawing me into dissatisfaction from things I want but cannot have. (more…)

Acts of kindness

AS A DISABLED MAN in NYC, the smallest acts of kindness go a long way to make my life easier. Whether it’s someone giving up their seat for me on a crowded subway, or simply picking up my cane if I drop it on the icy ground, it’s the small things that count the most; it’s those moments of kindness that can make my day.

Delirium and solidarity at the 2018 NYC Women’s March (against Trump)

IN CASE YOU’VE FORGOTTEN, demonstrators at 2018’s Women’s March reminded us all that Trump’s inauguration catalyzed last year’s massive marches (more…)

New year, same shit?

THOUGH NEW YEAR’S EVE seems an especially happy time for some–a time when people turn a new leaf and are fortunate enough to self improve–many issues remain heading into 2018: homelessness, climate change, a widening wage gap, a burgeoning police state, and the still-surreal problem of an orange-skinned, Fox and Friends fiend (more…)

Blood, sweat and piss on the streets of NYC

On November 7th, 2017, the NYC marathon made its way through Williamsburg, Brooklyn. This is what it looked like.



For December, photographer Nolan Ryan spent an entire month capturing public displays of love in NYC. (more…)